Tracking application availability

I’m trying to figure out if Grafana will do what I need it to do. I’m exploring replacing Tableau for visualizing the availability of different applications. I need it to looks something like this.

The backend is a slq database with all the historical outage information. I know I can query for all the instances of an asset. However, am I able to add up all the the down time by month based on starting and ending time stamps and calculate the uptime percentage?
I’ve spend a fair amount of time looking around for a way to do this and have yet to find an example. My inclination at this point is that this is not a good use case for Grafana, but I figured I’d ask here and see if there is something I’m missing.

tableau is awesome for a lot fo things. It can historical data and analysis really well. Very feature rich. But this sounds higher-paced IT monitoring. Honestly this use case seems a really good fit for Grafana instead. Although prometheus would probably be more ideal for monitoring availability like this.

Organizations with operational monitoring, dashboarding and visualization needs turn to Grafana to support them when they want to closely watch data that frequently changes, the data is time series and when the number of data sources grow beyond standard relational data

Grafana is among the world’s most adopted operational dashboard technologies because of the power given to the end-user and the community’s support in building hundreds of data source plug-ins and visualizations, which include:
● Relational data sources: Oracle, Mysql, Postgres, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Redis
● NoSql source: Elasticsearch, Solr, JSON
● Timeseries: InfluxDB, Amazon Timestream, Akumuli
● Proprietary: Splunk, ServiceNow, New Relic, DynaTrace, Datadog, AppDynamics, CloudWatch
● Open source: Graphite, Prometheus, Zabbix
Combine, Compute and Visualize between

so for super heavy time-series work that requires close monitoring, Grafana is better I would say.