Trying to setup Grafana to monitor network devices first time

Hi all,

I am hoping I can have a few pointers as I’m a bit stuck!

I am trying to setup grafana so I can monitor our network, I have installed grafana fine, but I’m a bit lost from the data store perspective. I’m assuming I now need to download a data source first and the have some way of pulling in snmp information from the network to the influxdb, but I’m not sure how to do this.

I’m running on windows, and haven’t installed a data source yet. Do any come as part of the install?

Sorry for the long post I’m just trying to figure out the next steps to get the data into the data source!

Appreciate any help to get me going!


Here are some tips on getting started.

  1. InfluxDB is one of the core data sources for Grafana. There are some instructions here for how to create a new data source (you need to fill in some details about how Grafana should connect to your InfluxDB):
  2. To get your SNMP data into InfluxDB, you are going to need an agent (called a collector) that will gather the data and then write it to your InfluxDB. InfluxDB has its own collector called Telegraf. Here is a getting started guide. There is an snmp plugin for Telegraf that you will need to install and configure to write the correct data to InfluxDB. See here for details.
  3. This dashboard is specific to Huawei hardware but could you give some ideas about how a dashboard can look.
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Great stuff, thanks Daniel! I will take a look at these.


Hi Daniel,

May I know how will I add more IPs to monitor through SNMP.
I see in your example you mentioned

agents = [ “” ]
version = 2
community = “public”

Did you work it out?

See quoted text below.
I think there should be a comma to separate the two host addresses, or as many as you need.

I’m wondering how you can specify the whole subnet. I’ve tried using CIDR notation with no luck.