Trying to sign plugin with service account token

Hello! I’m trying to sign my new plugin. I read that API keys are being deprecated, and we should use service accounts. Here’s what I tried:

$ export GRAFANA_API_KEY="...service account token..."
$ npx @grafana/sign-plugin@latest
Building manifest...
Signing manifest...
Error:  {
  data: '{\n' +
    '  "code": "InvalidCredentials",\n' +
    '  "message": "Token could not be parsed",\n' +
    '  "requestId": "261da611-4329-45e0-aba2-b079926f3665"\n' +
  status: 401
Error: Error signing manifest: Error signing manifest
    at /Users/dan/.npm/_npx/4e038a744f1b0d34/node_modules/@grafana/sign-plugin/dist/utils/manifest.js:243:27
    at step (/Users/dan/.npm/_npx/4e038a744f1b0d34/node_modules/@grafana/sign-plugin/dist/utils/manifest.js:33:23)
    at (/Users/dan/.npm/_npx/4e038a744f1b0d34/node_modules/@grafana/sign-plugin/dist/utils/manifest.js:14:53)
    at fulfilled (/Users/dan/.npm/_npx/4e038a744f1b0d34/node_modules/@grafana/sign-plugin/dist/utils/manifest.js:5:58)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

The service account has the “Plugin Writer” and “Application Plugin Access” roles enabled.

Can you please advise on how to move forward with the signing process? Do I need to revert to using a legacy API key, or is there a way with service accounts? I’m probably missing something simple…any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

You need Grafana Cloud API key (from<some-your-id>/api-keys), not API key/service account from your Grafana instance. Please note: Grafana (app) != Grafana Cloud (platform).


Thanks, that was it!