Turn [OK] notification off

How could I turn off [OK] notification (I want to receive only [Alerting])?

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There is no option for this currently.

You do not say which notification channel you are using but if you are using the webhook for a manual integration then you could ignore OK notifications and only forward Alerting notifications.

I use email notification

Then no unless you are prepared to do some programming and build a custom integration with the alert webhook.


Do we have any option available now to turn off [OK] notification??

No, not currently. There is a feature request on GitHub if you want to track the progress of this issue.

I submitted a PR for this today, as the OK notifications are driving our Ops team crazy (we just added alerting with the new Elasticsearch alerting capability - yea - so this was new for us).

how can we skip in case of webhook notification, can you please provide me the reference