Unable to select dashboard category

There is an error on your dashboard website; Dashboards | Grafana Labs

When you want to select a category from the the drop-down menu, and try to save or publish the dashboard, you will get an error: “Field is required: category slug or id”.

@melroy thank you for the feedback and apologies that you are running into this error! I’ve shared this with our internal team to help find a solution. Do you by chance have a screenshot of the error that you can share with us? Thanks!

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Sure, of course! What about a nice gif? So 1995.


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Very helpful, thank you! I will get back to you with an update once our team has a chance to take a look at the issue.

@melroy I received a note from our team that this should have been fixed today. Let me know if you’re still running into any issues or not. Thanks for letting us know!