Url in Annotations


Is there a way to make url’s in annotations clickable? As an example, see the attached figure: I can add http… as a tag, but it’s not recognized as a link.


The text field can contain html, if you have urls you need to turn them into anchor elements (when you store the data)

I’m running Grafana v4.3.2 and tried adding some custom text to the Text field in my influxdb annotations setup as described here:

<a href="example.com">link</a>

as well as a custom Title:

Unfortunately, neither the custom Title text nor the custom Text entry shows up:


and in fact the if_controller_id tag is duplicated in Title field.

Any ideas on how to get this working properly?

the text should map to a field that the influxdb query returns

As per the screenshot in Allow to show multiple tags with annotations with InfluxDB datasource by adrianlzt · Pull Request #4550 · grafana/grafana · GitHub, it should be possible to insert clickable links in annotations:


However, no luck for me. My MySQL annotation source returns <a href="https://www.example.com/">example</a> in column text but it does not render a link in Grafana.

Any ideas how to do it? Links to documentation?