Usability request re: Outdated documentation

Sorry - as a new user, I need to munge some of these links, since I am limited to two:

If I go to an older version of Grafana docs such as:

The link to view the latest version is “lazy”, it simply links to:

It would be much more functional if it linked to:

Even if pages have changed, 99% of pages aren’t going to change between releases, and it’s stupid to have users reading old docs, but also google doesn’t index new versions of docs immediately - so this would be a good compromise.

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Thanks so much for reaching out. The docs don’t directly map back to to the same topic for all of our content as we move forward with releases, so it’s not possible for us to direct readers of old docs 1:1 to a new version of the content.

However, this isn’t a great experience for our users, so we’ll look at how we can improve this moving forward.