Use for DevOps type Metrics (pulling from Jira / Sonar etc)

Hey All!

I’ve done a good bit of research and don’t see why this wouldn’t work but was wondering if anyone has had experience with this.

We’re trying to create a DevOps type dashboard (say something like Hygieia) with Grafana. Is there any reason why Grafana wouldn’t be optimal for it? Some data sources would be say Sonar, Jira, Build logs etc…

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Hi, we think Grafana would be really good for your use case.

Our friends at Citrix blogged about a similar use case a while back:

Maybe some of this code would be useful to you:

We’d love to do an official integration with JIRA and/or Sonarqube, but nothing is available yet.

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This is really great! Thanks a lot for the links. Can I asked how you found them? There are only a few resources out there I could find that covers this topic.

Hi all,

Any other progress on this in the last 6 months in regards to Jira and Sonarqube integrations?

@nopzor1200, Have you had any luck yet with integrations of them?

@torkel, could you perhaps comment? Not much happening here.

Hi All, @ippikiokami @tonytiger Any update for Sonarqube metrics integration please here would be much appreciated.