Using nightly Builds grafana_4.3.0-7785pre1_amd64.deb MYSQL error

I really love this application and I would like to try the new mysql datasource. I configured the datasource as servername:port with the database and everything required to connect. The save and test does not give an error but when I try to create a dashboard and select the datasource, it gives me this error dial tcp: address missing port in address, what am I doing wrong. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Check my answer here. Does that help? It should look like a normal connection string.

I appreciated your fast reply, sorry I did not include the picture before. this is what it looks like right now.

My example had port 3307 but usually MySQL is on port 3306. Is that the case for you?

Hi, you are correct, I had it to 3306 but I changed it to 3307 after seeing your example. Both ports showed the same results. I can connect to the server and the database just fine from Mysql workbench using the user name as of the picture.

Thanks again

And what port do you have in Workbench?

In Workbench I can access the server with port 3306 from another pc without issues.

Please let me know if you or your team need more help to debug this.

There are a few things you can try.

  1. Restart your Grafana Server - the MySQL data source is still in a beta and we have bug where it caches details sometimes.
  2. Check that you access to the MySQL server from the server where Grafana is installed. You say you have access from your computer via MySQL Workbench but does your Grafana Server have access?

Thank you very much, that did it. I’m so close now to the end result and to be honest, I can not wait for it, I would appreciate few extra minutes of your time.

This is my table, when I run this query in Grafana, it give me an error, I’m doing something wrong with the query?

In this case, you are doing nothing wrong. That is unwritten code. We do not support all the types yet. This should be fixed in the next day or two and be included in the 4.3 release. Sorry about that - this is still in the beta phase.

I understand it is in beta and I can work with it with no issues. Do you know what types it supports, I can change it in the database to support your data type. Based on my screens, how would you construct the query?

P.S. I know how much work you guys put into this program, thank you all for the hard work.

I upgraded to the latest release as you suggested, unfortunately I’m still getting an error
I will be happy to be as of assistance to debug it.

this is another example

I have noticed with the MySQL plugin you need to delete the datasource and make it a new name if you screw up the first time. I have had it happen multiple times to me as I also forget to add it initially


thanks. I did that and I got Database type LONG not supported. I’m trying to figure out what that means. Thanks for your input.

There are loads of MySQL data types and we only support some of them at the moment. LONGTEXT is a blob type and we have not added mappings for the blob types (and I’m not sure how we would show them in Grafana).

  1. What types do you have for your columns?
  2. Found row with no time value -> do you have a row in your result with a null instead of a datetime value?

Hi, thanks for your reply, you seem to know your stuff. I will be happy to work with you with your data type, you let me know what type you accept and I will make it happen by changing my data type in the table. I have attached the schema and what I’m trying to accomplish below. In short, I have a table with a value field, right now it is “Int”, a date field as datetime and type as metric as varchar (100). I really would like to make it to work, this apps is really nice once it works with my data.


What version of Grafana are you using now? We added some mappings for the 4.3.0-beta1 release. One of the mappings that was added was for int (LONG and not LONGTEXT).

Hi daniellee, I updated to the latest nightly builds 4.3.0-7817 beta1, still having issues. As you have noticed none of my fields are as you describe, my data fields are value as “Int” (11), a date field as datetime and metric as varchar (100). Could you please provide me of an example of your query that works with your data types and table, I could adjust my table based of your table.