Using $timeFilter in template

Using Grafana 4.5 with InfluxDB…

I am able to create and use query-type template variables which use other template variables, such as

show tag values from metric with key = "$SelectBy"

where SelectBy is a custom template variable.

However, I am unable to use $timeFilter in the same query-type template variable, as in

show tag values from metric with key = "$SelectBy" where $timeFilter

The error I get is “Template variables could not be initialized: error parsing query: missing parameter: timeFilter”

Is $timeFilter (and others such as $__interval) not available for use in template variables?

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Unfortunately, the $timeFilter variable is not supported for template variable queries. We should definitely add that support.

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I ran into the same issue and for me it’s a show stopper; is this feature likely to be implemented any time in the near future you think…?

Yes, it just got implemented for the Postgres and MySQL data sources. So we should do the same for InfluxDB.

Is this feature available for Influxdb datasource now?

Are we near to have this implemented for InfluxDB @daniellee?

@daniellee I would be also very interested in this feature, is it forseeable that this feature will be implemented any time soon?

It is already: