Want to create filters for my dashboard panel

Hi All,

I am just getting started on grafana for one of our internal projects .I have created JSON HTTP Server(Datasource) for connecting my API using SimpleJSON datasource plugin.

I want to add different filters using templating mechanism.But the caveat here is that my filter should be extracted from different API`s.

For e.g
I have 2 API for 2 filters
i.e getAccount for Account Filter,
getRegion for Region Filter.

Actually to be really honest , I am bit stuck up on the templating stuff and need some pointers in this regard.

It will be really be nice of anyone who can basically send me some sample templating project (in which all the template variables should be extracted in the metrics when filters are changed dynamically and the combination of template variables should be sent to the query)

It would be great if somebody gives us any pointers on how to populate query builder in the metrics section.

Thanks in advance

Hi Shoeb,

We are having different datapoints with different mongodb query and combining the datapoints and sending it as json input …

but when I am running this script in server , Grafana is not displaying the datapoints in grafana .