When alert fails, how can I know it immediately

For grafana 9.3.2, when contact points shows health error on the page, I can only know it when I am on this page. So how can I know alert fails immediately when I’m not on contact points’ page? Is there any way to inform anyone at once?

Welcome @fandijia2015

I am confused. I see alert state on the Alert rules tab…

but no status (health error) on the Contact points tab…

What exactly do you mean by “health status”?

Also, have you seen this plugin?

I mean contact points error(when health shows error under contact points tag), for example if I set slack as contact points, maybe it will fail send alert to slack group because of http error. I want to know how can I get contact points error immediately in such situation.

What version of Grafana (OSS, Enterprise, Cloud and number) are you using? I do not see the column called Health.

This is from play.grafana.org (v9.3.2)

It’s the latest version 9.3.2. Maybe it is new feature in latest version, I can find it in grafana’s document.