When I use IE11 , Graph work incorrectly. Grafana does not supports IE?

When I use Internet Explore 11 , Graph work incorrectly.(in Case1 and Case2 bellow.)
When I use Chrome, Graph work incorrectly.
Grafana does not supports IE? or I need to change IE settings?

Case1. When I save my Graph in the dashboard, the message “Conflict Someone else has updated this dashboard!
Would you still like to save this dashboard?” has been displayed. The dashboard is not saved.

Case2. When I choose "Last 2 days"o r “Last 7 days” in “Quick Ranges” , the Graph displays incorrect time range of data.

We are aware that IE11 has some issues. But so far it has not been that many who has raised this as serious issue so until there is a bigger request to support IE11 then no we do not support it.

Thank you very much, Mr.torkel.

Which browser does Grafana support?

When using IE11, I see some weird behavior and pages showing old versions on refresh. Everything works as expected when using Chrome.

Thank you very much! Mr.mmahacek.

Hi, I wanted to put a +1 in here for IE11 being more than a little broken.

On a Windows Server 2016 box if I add more than one Datasource (InfluxDB datasources) it doesn’t show any except the first in the Datasources page. It knows about them b/c if I try to re-add with the same name it flags a conflict. If I try to create a dashboard it only shows the first one unless I do a ctrl-F5, in which case it shows both in the dashboard data selection but still not on the Datasources page.

So probably worth investing some time in it since IE11 is the default Server 2012/2016 browser.