Which fields are expected in /userinfo

For OpenID integration we are creating our own OpenID provider and our own UserInfo endpoint.
Which claims in the UserInfo response are required by Grafana?

Current docs are not specific
"Set api_url to the resource that returns OpenID UserInfo compatible information."
and according to OpenID spec apart from sub, no claims are required.

If I am looking in the right place it looks like Grafana might be looking for name, display_name,
login, username, email, attributes

Am I correct?

You are correct, it’s looking to get the user’s username (in login or username), their email address (in email) and a display name (in name or display_name). Assuming you don’t need to worry about team or org membership those 3 items will be enough to get it working.

For future compatibility if your system has an identifier that won’t change over the lifetime of the user I’d recommend returning that as id also. It’s not used today, but there are plans to support that in future Grafana releases to better handle the situation where a user’s email and or username change.

Wonderful - thanks for the quick reply

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