WorldPing supporting TCP?

Is WorldPing open source where I could make the modifications to support TCP queries or anything? It’d be great to have TCP queries in this package to monitor non-HTTP servers. In addition, does anybody know where to get pricing for it after 1Mil/month?

The WorldPing platform is open source, but as it is a SaaS service any modifications would need to be coordinated through all of the components in the platform (probes, backend and the worldping-app grafana plugin) before they could be used.

Supporting custom TCP checks is already on our roadmap, but I dont have a specific timeframe for when the feature will be added.

Pricing is listed on our website at At this time, our basic plan starts at $100/mo for 5 Million Checks/mo, and is usage based above that.

With volume however, we can be more helpful on pricing, so give us a shout if you’d like a custom quote.