Would Grafana work for me?

Hello, just a quick question, grafana as a visual tool for managing my server application showing data from my database and all that is just what i need. but i need my end user to be able to change values in some database tables, would it be difficult to do this within Grafana or should i just make a different webpage for that?

No, there is no way to edit data in Grafana (with a few exceptions). And for most time series databases, it would be very unusual to change historical data. For example, I would not edit last week’s Memory Usage statistics for a server.

Could you give an example of why you need to edit data and maybe I can give a more precise answer or recommendation then.

Sure, i am making a feature/plugin to a server side video game, so i would like to monitor the server for performance, monitor user usage over time and change configuration settings for the video game.
The configuration is in the same database that has the statistics and data i would like to graph, so i thought that find a dashboard that looks great (Grafana is way ahead of the curve) and change some settings in the same interface.

A solution would just to seperate config and graph.

PS: if this can be made as a plugin/app for grafana then that would be great! :wink:

You don’t say which database you are using. It is possible of course to create a plugin that can do what you want. There are a few plugins (those exceptions I mentioned in my 1st answer) that do change settings.

  • The InfluxDB Admin Panel allows you to administrate your db settings from Grafana.
  • The MySQL plugin lets you execute sql so if you give the user the right permissions you can insert, update and delete.
  • Some of the Grafana app plugins can also make changes (Kubernetes App deploys pods, worldPing allows you to create new probes)

Thanks for the reply, i will start here and try to get it working like i want to!
I am using MySql for config and i am using Prometheus to store my time series.
Ill look more into your suggestions! :wink:

So when you said you want to change data then you meant in your application’s MySql database?