A few questions regarding graphs

May someone advise me how to do following in Grafana or is it possible at all?
I.e. text (from query) over graph based on the same query

What you showed is not possible with Grafana AFAIK. Instead I would suggest a Stat Panel with the Sparkline option enabled. See here for more: Does grafana do sparklines within a gauge value?

Thanks, that already better than Zabbix one, but is it possible to change ratio between text and graph?

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Why it even do this BS? As max value i have exactly 128 GiB

Sorry for ping, but i have a very strange case - if i go to the Old graph, setup min and max, and then i pick “Sparklines” i get text over graph as i wanna (except not seeing min&max values, but that’s limits of Stat itself :frowning: )

not clear to me what you are trying to fix?

Can you please provide the version of Grafana that you are using and which visualization is depicted in your screenshot?

From your screenshot, you are using Stat panel, but your post indicates you are using the “old” graph. What is your question?

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I would leave that Min and Max options empty
and let it calculate them automatically

what graph panel are you using? Time Series? Graph (Old)?
if you want to remove ‘128’ in the image of yours, look for option:

  1. Axes - Left Y: Label in Graph (Old)
  2. Override Options: Axes - Label (Time Series)

that GiB is from your Standard Options: Unit, you probably put Data - Gibibytes on the graph

I wanna see 128 GiB as maximum point on graph and not 112

My question is that it’s almost stat panel that i demonstrated in first post (but without nessesary number), so why this is not an option for stat panel and i can only achieve it but using a “bug”

What I wanna see is 128 on Y axis at upper part of it, or change step at which Y axis is showed

@bferdinandes, What I wanna see is 128 on Y axis at upper part of it, or change step at which Y axis is showed. No matter which unit i choose - Grafana refuse to use 8 or 16 as Y axis step

In the intervening 2 years, has this type of graph become possible? A stat with a sparkline that shows behind the number (and thus is bigger and also lets the text fill the entire frame)