Alert list doesn't work


My data source is Prometheus. I’ve added new Alert List dashboard but despite I’m fiddling around with its simple few settings, I can’t see any alerts. What I’m doing wrong? Do I need to install any kind of plug in yet?

I’ve sorted it myself. There’s no problem at all. This functionality work only with graphs not Singlestats.

Have you created any alerts in Grafana?

Than you for your response. I’ve created email alerts and it works! It is not clearly stated in Documentation about it so I’ve discovered by a chance.

email alerts? so you created a dashboard with a graph panel, then did you go to alert tab and define the alert rule based on a query in the metrics tab?

Yes, and it works now. Firstly I had to configure in Alert Manager my own email alert. In our company we have SMTP server configured that anything which comes from production VLAN on 25 port, can be send out to the recipients within the company.