Alert when any metric on chart crosses threshold?

Is there a way to set up an alert so that if any metric on the chart crosses the threshold an alert is sent or do I need to make a big OR alert?

I have a few charts that have dozens of the same metric from different servers in our network and I’d love to be able to simply alert of any single metric crosses the threshold.

If its just one query that is returning all the series if you use that query in the alert rule then the rule will be evaluated for each series.

Check out the alerting documentation on multiple series:

I’m trying to do the same, and have read the documentation which does indeed say it can be done, but I cannot see how to “make a query return multiple series”. I can OR a bunch together, but that defeats the purpose of just being able to specify (and modify) a threshold once.

I’ve tried ctrl/command/shift-clicking series letters in the popup, and syntax like query (A-H, 10m, now), but the appears to only consider the first letter

My use case is: I have 7 servers where I’m tracking the CPU and tempereature. If any of these is above a threshold for too long, I want an alert.

For the record, I figured this out:

I know the term “query” can refer to quite a few different areas, but with there being a “query” command in the alerting panel, the penny has only just dropped that I can have wildcards in the query in the “metrics” panel (I’m very new to graphite/grafana).

Now it all works great!