How to send alerts based on second "rule"

Hey there, I hope it’s the right place to ask: Anyone has some insights into Grafana Alerting?
I have some monitoring (InfluxDB based) here - and I want to send an alert IF a specific metric is over a specific value - AND if at least this metric was measured 10 times.
It’s no problem to read those values out and to display them - but It seems like impossible to check WHICH Metric is “firing” and how often it got measured :enttäuscht:
I could write about 60 queries - but is there no other way on alerting me only if this specific metric has been tracked at least 10 times?

Hi @voodoo441

two questions:

What version of Grafana are you using, and are you using the Next Gen Alerting platform, which is still behind a feature toggle in Grafana 8.

And: can you write an influx query that tracks how many times a metric has been measured?

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