Change HTML Title for SEO

I’m hoping for help changing the HTML title that grafana present so that our google listing will show our organizations name rather than “Grafana -”.

I modified window_title_prefix:"Grafana - " in /public/app/core/settings.js, and modified the HTML Title tag in /public/views/*.html files. When our page first loads it shows the organization name for a second, but then quickly switches back to “Grafana - (Home dashboard name)”

Any help changing this would be appreciated. I searched a lot and didn’t find anything about changing the title or Search Engine Optimization. Thanks.

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Thanks for the heads up.
Just wondering if you are mentioning the report HTML, since I believe that Google bot doesn’t crwal the Grafana dashboard and it is also unnecessary to let bot see the content.

There is no option to set title right now

I’m not familiar with the report HTML.

I noticed another related issue yesterday. Google had links to my dashboards. I changed the name of one of the dashboards and the Google link broke. It would be great if the dashboards had permanent IDs(name could dynamically load in URI), so that a name change doesn’t break the link, and lower your overall SEO.

Do you know of any plans for this? Thanks for the response.

Do you by chance have nginx in front of your grafana? If so you could do it with nginx.

I don’t at the moment, but I’ll look into that as an option. Thanks :slight_smile: