How to change title of website grafana

I have a project use grafana.
I want to change title of website (2 point) as image attached.
Please help me to change it.


There is no option to change logo.

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Sorry. I think this is text,
<i class="icon-gf icon-gf-grafana_wordmark"></i>

what about the title ( Grafana-home) , can we change it ??

you can change the home dashboard in profile or org settings

To change the title, you can manually change them in several .js files. First, do a search
find /usr/share/grafana/ -type f -exec grep -H 'Grafana -' {} \; | grep window_title_prefix

You’re find all the .js files that contain the following string:
window_title_prefix:"Grafana - "

Change them to whatever you like.

Good Evening guys,

I changed the logo ICO (image), but now I want to change the logo text (Grafana).
I’m try to change the logo text of login screen, but I have not success.

I need help. Does anyone help me? I need of information what archive name I need to change.

You cannot change the logo text

Hi Thiagostrato
Could you please help me with the steps to change the grafana logo

Helo @sreenath,
I described solution here: How to change main Grafana title
Fell free to ask any question.

Just a more fundamental, non-technical question here: Grafana’s license states that all product’s trademarks should be retained when redistributing Grafana or any derivative of it. So, practically, is one allowed to whitelabel Grafana?

Thanks all ^^
Thanks all ^^


I’m able to change the title according to your instruction but it applicable only in main page. How about others?

For eg: Grafana - Home, it still appear Grafana - Home.


Can you tell me your version of Grafana?

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My Grafana is 4.5.1 version.

go to directory of grafana, go to public/app
edit file boot.***.js

var c={datasources:{},window_title_prefix:"Grafana

and replace


to your title.

is there any solution for Grafana v5.4.0-pre1 ?

Change title: find the following text and change the ‘Grafana -’ everywhere(including build/app.xxxx files. Tried in v5.3.4 working.


Hi My Grafana is 5.3.4 version. How to replace the grafana logo?


Change the public/img/grafana_icon.svg for the logo. For favicon change the input*.html file fav32.png and replace the fav32.png in public/img/fav32.png

If you want to change the Loading logo change the background-image in the .preloader__logo css class.

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