Cloudwatch datasource works or not depend of defined dimensions order

Datasource: cloudwatch
Grafana version: 4.5.2
Env: official docker grafana/grafana image

I have defined dashboard graph based on custom cloudwatch metrics.
This metrics have 2 dimensions: EnviromentName and InstanceId.

I have defined 2 variables:
$enviromentName (single value)
$instanceId (multi values)

If datasource is defined like

          "dimensions": {
            "EnvironmentName": "$enviromentName",
            "InstanceId": "$instanceId"

There are no results returned

if order is swapped:
“dimensions”: {
“InstanceId”: “$instanceId”,
“EnvironmentName”: “$enviromentName”
Everything looks ok - data was retrieved.

But after reload dashboard
Order is change to “alphabetical” order - so graph no longer works.

Any ideas how to handle this ?

Can you open an issue on GitHub, this looks like a bug.