Data not showing up

Ive started with free account for grafana cloud, added graph for my AWS account (EC2 instance CPU usage), saved it, set refresh time to 5secs and nothing, no data showing; whereas Chrome>dev tools shows correct query and response,

Ive also tried dashboard dedicated to AWS (via Importing JSON) and also no data showing.

What the hell is wrong?

Can you show a screenshot of the metrics tab and a screenshot of the query and response from the Chrome Dev Tools.

What do you need SCs for?

Why not to implement auto-conf script where user would only have to provide credentialas for AWS account? Would be easier.

Grafana is Open Source software so if you have that expertise then a Pull Request would be more than welcome.

If you want to get your dashboard working now, then screenshots would be helpful for me (so I can help you). As I cannot see why it is not working from your description.

Just talked to the Hosted Grafana team. When runnning in hosted-grafana you cannot use the “Credentials file” auth provider. Is that the case for you?

If Grafana was of any value, Id be more than happy to contribute. But, as Grafana is of shitty quality (no offence here, if sth is supposed to do sth and its not doing this out-of-the-box, or makes configuration as difficult as one may think, I will not commit my time to it).

If it was of any value, it’d have some kind of wizard where user would fill AWS credentials only and rest woul;d be done ‘under-the-hood’.

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So, what is that field (for credentials file) doing in the hosted version if it cannot be used? Another proof that Grafana is of poor quality. If this field cannot be used, it should be removed.

As its now, its very misleading.

And question - whats the reasoning behind not using credentials auth in hosted version?

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Googled heavily, its not only me hbaving problems with visualizing AWS on Grafana.

Just imported already-made dashboard for AWS (as JSON format) and guess what? No data points.

Something in the code of Grafana is heavily fucked up.

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A credentials file is an actual file on the server “~/aws/credentials”. For hosted Grafana you do not have access to the server. The Grafana used in Hosted Grafana is the same as the one you can download and install locally. We do not want to fork Grafana and build a custom Grafana with our own proprietary features.

Can you please control your language on this forum. If you want help, then let me know and I’ll try and help you. It is quite easy to setup using the access and secret key.

Messed up. Better?

As of forking - whats wrong in having a fork with only one extra feature?

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Ive used secret key && acces key. And its not working.

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It seems to be misunderstanding here as of what Ive done.

  1. Created an account on
  2. Opted for free cloud account
  3. Created dataSource (type: cloudwatch, AccesKey & secret provided),region selected (checked with AWS Console), Test&Save runs fine (green field pops up), saved.
  4. Hamburger > Dasboards > New:: Graph, Title > Edit:: everything chosen as desired > Save,
  5. Hamburger > Dasboards > Import:: Graph, Title > Edit:: everything chosen as desired > Save
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So your data source is working then we are back to where we were before:

Actually just the request header and the response should do. This is a request header:


And the raw json response can be found here:

I really dont have any slightrest idea whats going wrong here, but after I restarted EC2 instance,graph appeared.

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So the problem wasn’t with Grafana. Hopefully you learned a lesson and will be more civil next time you need help.


that s a beautiful way to handle the situation. Props, daniellee



I also had the same issue with the Billing.

So I installed Grafana on my Mac. In DataSource i’ve added my Secret key & ID .

After that, i imported JSON (Billing).

It shows no datapoints on the graph. Would someone please be able to help me?

Thanks a lot

Probably to do with configuring policies. See here:

Also, try using a longer time period than “Yesterday” to see if there is any data.