Displaying alert message under alertlist panel


I am a newbie to Grafana using 4.0. I would like to know if there is a possibility for adding description to alert message, making it more informative.

I would like to have a panel showing list of recent occurred alerts based on thresholds set.


the alert list panel can show recent alerts and the metric value that triggered the state change. It does not look like it includes the message right now.

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Thanks Torkel, appreciate your quick reply.

How can i pull metrics in the alerts , like Hostname and value?

This is all I am able to get, I need at least Hostname.

Please help!

what datasource are you using? What does your alert history say (to to alert rule and history tab)

I am using Influxdb as datasource.

I am doing small testing so here’s History tab:

Alert Rule:

please upgrade to Grafana 4.2

ok thanks. Even i thought of doing so :slight_smile:

Could you please share a link to upgrade on windows platform. I don’t want to loose the configurations and dashboards i have created.

Hi Torkel,

Thanks for the link.

I have successfully upgraded to 4.2.

Still i dont see much change in the configuration setting. Am i missing anything?

Also another thing is I copied the DB file from previous setup to new setup. Hope its ok.

Have you gotten a new alert since you upgraded?

Yes i did

What am i missing here…?

please suggest.

Hi Torkel,

I also tried creating template variable, but still failed to achieve the desired result.

Is it possible to have meaning full alert with Hostname for which threshold has crossed, under alertlist if so, please guide me or any plugin which could possibly help?

Please suggest…thanks in advance

You need to change the show option to Recent state changes, this list includes info on what caused the state to change


I wanted to ask if alert panel works only with specific data source type or it should work as with Prometheus?

That’s interesting I can add this onto dashboard but I can’t see any alerts.

The alert list panels shows alert rules your have created inside Grafana. You can create alert rules with metric queries that target prometheus. The Grafana alert rule feature does not integrate with Prometheus alerting

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