Does grafana have any plans to support Oracle as the backend DB?

Grafana currently supports mysql, sqllite and postgress as back end databases. Is there a plan to support Oracle in future?

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No, not at the moment. There is no feature request for this in the Grafana repo which means that it is not a popular feature. It would also increase the maintainability burden of Grafana a lot (we would have to test all db changes on Oracle). We do however have plans to support Oracle as a data source.

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If a PR is submitted with supporting changes for Oracle would it be accepted?

Not at the moment - due it increasing the maintenance burden. Can you create a feature request issue in the GitHub repo and if it gets a lot of :thumbsup:s we would accept it then.

Thanks @daniellee. I have raised a FR.

Very much interested in this feature. It will surely take Grafana to next level

Hi Daniellee,

I was wondering if there was any update on offering support for Oracle as a data source?


Yes, we will be working on it after New Year and will be released soon after that. It will be released as a Premium plugin (which are included in the Grafana support subscription) and it will have alerting support .

Hi @daniellee,
Is it possible to share the oracle data source as a free feature?

No, I don’t think so. The Oracle data source will add a significant maintenance burden (CI for Oracle is much harder than the other databases) and my experience with Oracle in previous open source projects is that no one helps with Oracle issues.


when will oracle as data source be available ? We urgently would need it to test the integration and to go for Grafana instead of vendor tools for dashboarding. We’ve got about 50000 servers under control and have to make a decision soon




You can take the PostgresSQL plug in and modify and get it to work using Oracle drivers. This, of course, would not be supported by Grafana, but it is doable.



cool, thanks for the info !! is there any howto available ?

I am VERY VERY Interested in a Oracle Datasource too!

If this is an Premium Option we are willing to buy Premium Support instantly - but as I understand it is not finished yet?!

Until then i´d appreciate an howto for the Postgres Plugin with Oracle Drivers…

Hi to all,

Could you please update if it possible to use Oracle DB as a Data source?



@niranjan please share the link to the oracle Datasource pull request.

hey there,
can you help with that ?