Does Grafana support "Custom Transformations"?

I’m doing some early investigation into data transforms and am curious if Grafana supports custom transformations?

Similar to datasource plugin development, i’m curious if something is offered solely for transformations (since I’m content with the current data source I’ve been using).

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@teaguehall As I remember, there was a plan to add custom transformations plugins, but I have not heard anything recently.

There are so many transformations available in Grafana 9, and it’s easy to submit a PR to add another one if required functionality is missing.

What exactly are you looking for? Maybe it’s already exist.

Thanks for the response. I’m primarily interested in custom mathematical transformations. For example, I would like to apply a custom low-frequency filter (e.g. Butterworth) where I’m able to transform an array of timestamped data.

Any official update on this?

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Please please please implement thisssss

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