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I want to use the functionality described in the documentation:

When linking to another dashboard that uses template variables, you can use var-myvar=value to populate the template variable to a desired value from the link

How exactly I do that, I have been able to call to another dashboard and in the URL I can see the variables, but I do not know how should I define the variables in the destination dashboard.

Thank you for your help

I found the solution, you only need to define the same variables name in the child dashboard from the parent.

I hope this help to someone else

Hi , i’m begining with grafana and i tried to do wath you did, but it’s not very clear for me. could you explain me more how to do that please

You have to put in the URL: I hope this helps you




I upload the images here

Thank you very much. it’s working very well


I also tried to do this but the pictures aren’t very clear to me.
Can you show a picture of the variable in the destination dashboard (how do you get the value of the variable in the url)?

Thank you!