Export from graphite, import into influxdb


our old stack is graphite + grafana 4.2 - recently upgraded from grafana 2.6.
our new stack is influxdb 11.2 + grafana 4.2
we’ve been able to modify our sensu server so instead of sending metrics to the old graphite server, it is now sending metrics to the new server with influxdb using its graphite capabilities without making any changes to the sensu clients themselves - very cool!
we’d like to be able to export dashboards from the old grafana instance into the new grafana instance.
if we export a dashboard as json from the old server, modify the __inputs and __requires sections so they match the format of an influxdb dashboard, then import into the new influxdb server, we get empty dashboards that aren’t linked to our datasource.
looking at the json for the dashboard using a graphite data source on old server and an influxdb datasource on the new server, there are lots and lots of differences, primarily in the targets.

Is it possible to convert grafana dashboards from a graphite datasource to an influxdb datasource?
if so is there any documentation?


The query languages of Graphite and InfluxDB are completely different, and cannot be “converted” between each other programatically. Especially since the data model and capabilities are so different.

For example, in Graphite you don’t have any concept of “tags” or “labels”. But, in InfluxDB, you can’t do mathematics across series.

So, if you change data sources, you will have to manually re-build your Dashboards with new queries, unfortunately.