Gantt/Timeline chart equivalent

I am looking for a chart which is looking like a Gantt chart. I want to display events and visualize its duration. The Y-Axis is not important for this however somehow events can overlap of course. So it is rather a layout problem. The events should be labeled in the graph.
Is such a graph type supported somehow or what would be a chart to start with it?

In theory it should look like timelines:

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Would the Discrete panel plugin work?

I have what sounds like a very similar problem I’m trying to solve. Looking into both Discrete and Diagram plugins (I’m a complete newbie in Grafana).

My goal is to have something like this (from Instagantt + Asana: Create custom charts • Asana):

Does anyone have any idea how this was built?


I also have a similar requirment, Is there any plugin or feature which could help showing sequence of events in Grafana?

Im also interested in this

I too am very interested in this capability