Grafana changing IP

Every so often my dashboard loses access to my DB. When I check, I find that the IP that’s accessing my DB has changed.

Is this due to Grafana getting auto-upgraded and re-provisioned? Is there a way around this?

I have asked our Hosted Grafana team. Just to be clear - are you asking for a fixed IP address for your Grafana instance? Is it because you have a whitelist in your firewall?

Yes! That would certainly work. :smiley:

The Hosted Grafana platform uses multiple clusters of machines to provide the highest possible availability and reliability, which means that both the source IP for a given instance and the set of IPs used by all instances can (and do) change quite regularly.

In general we advise strongly against relying on source IP address based access control, not only because of the issues with maintaining a list of allowed IP addresses but because there will be multiple Grafana instances on any given host which will necessarily share the same source IP and thus would also have access to your data source. In addition, the traffic between your Grafana instance and your data source would not be encrypted in transit.

Our standard recommendation is to place an nginx reverse proxy in front of your data source and use that to provide transport security with TLS and authentication either via HTTP basic auth or TLS client certificates, both of which are supported by Grafana.

I hear you but the NGINX bit is beyond me. If you have a guide I can get cracking.

@ewejinyeap did you get this working? I don’t have an NGINX guide to hand. It is on our todo list to document using apache, nginx and IIS as reverse proxies.

Unfortunately, no. I just put up with whitelisting a new IP every time it happens for the moment.

Allow connections from the IPs specified below provides access to all the databases in you server:
Start IP:
End IP:

Not very secured (server password protection only), but you don’t need to put up with whitelisting every time when Grafana changed their IP.

Hi ewejinyeap,

I´m trying to use Grafana Cloud and the mysql server I´m using has an IP whitelist as well. I´ll try to find out how to remove the whitelist and authorize any IP. In the meantime, can you please tell me how do you know the Grafana Cloud IP?




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