Grafana Cloud Zabbix Integration Query

Hello everyone,

for Grafana Cloud (v10.0.2) integration with Zabbix I am unable to find answers for

  1. When executing the query using “Problems” query mode, the returned JSON object contains additional fields like “lastChange” and “priority”. These fields are not visible in the table view mode for visualization without viewing “Query Inspector”. Is there a way to reference and visualize these additional fields, such as “lastChange” from “Query Inspector”?

  2. The timestamp value received within the JSON object from Zabbix appears to be in milliseconds. However, within Grafana Cloud, there doesn’t seem to be an option to transform or divide the timestamp by 1000 to convert it into seconds. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this situation and display the timestamp in seconds instead of milliseconds? I have found some references on this forum but they do not seem applicable for Grafana Cloud.