Grafana Customisation


Is it advisable to customise grafana UI ? Do you guys recommend us to do this ?

  • As per our requirement, we are not using certain options. hence we are planning to remove it for the normal user.

Please advice

Grafana is open source so you are of course free to fork the project and change as much you want. The disadvantage is that you have to maintain your own fork and that will require work on your part to keep it up to date.

What options are you planning to remove?

Also before you start down that path, have you seen that users can be assigned one of four roles: admin, editor, read-only editor and viewer? A viewer role removes a lot of the options.

Hi Daniel,

Yes i see that. When our user login as viewer role, they should not able to see “Home, Playlist, snapshot” options.

  1. I would like to change the login page to “grey colour”

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you will have to familiarize yourself with the Grafana code base to hide those options, and with the sass styling to make the color change.

They seem like quite small features to go to all the effort of forking Grafana. Just out of curiosity, why is it so important that the users cannot see the playlist and snapshot lists? Is it for security reasons or because it is confusing?

Hi daniel,

Yes its very small requirements.

These options will be confusing for them and decided to remove.

In the mean while, if you can share some tips to do customise. it will be very help. since i am not an programmer. thank you

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