Grafana with Histou and Nagios


I don’t really know if this is a Grafana or Nagios related issue but I will try and ask here to see if anyone knows what’s wrong.

So I have Nagios (a network monitoring software) installed a a server and Grafana on a separate server as well.
I need to get the information from Nagios to Grafana and to get this working I need to use InfluxDB (you already know what this is), Nagflux (Connector for Nagios and InfluxDB) and Histou (A Grafana addon that creates graphs for Nagios data).

I’ve read this tutorial but this is for using Nagios and Grafana on the same server, which I’m not.

So when I put the histou.js on the Grafana server and change the url value to the IP of the Nagios server I just get the following error when entering this address:

HTTP code: 404
Message: error

Grafana IP:
Nagios IP:

But when I Install Grafana locally on the Nagios server and do the same thing it works.

I can also verify that it actually is working by running the following on both the Nagios server and Grafana server:

curl -G ""

So if feels like it’s Grafana that doesn’t want to play right. Maybe the addon need Nagios to be installed?
I even tried to install Apache and PHP on the Grafana server and putting the Histou software there and pointing the config to this but it didn’t help.

Does anyone know what’s wrong here? Maybe this isn’t possible?

Ok so I found out why it wasn’t working. If I disable https on my Grafana installation it works just fine…

So is this a problem with Grafana or with the Histou addon and could I possibly fix this myself?

I can’t really see why it doesn’t work? Anyone?

The solution was to use https for Histou too, so now it’s working.

I have the same problem, did you find any solution to have them on different servers? I can get metrics on grafana but when i try to use the nagios icon for histou/grafana it doesn´t works, i get the same 404 error.