Graph visualization - Lines are not connected on desktop devices


I’m using this dashboard to show data collected from my Feinstaubsensor. The data is stored in a influxdb database.
Here’s the query for the PM2.5 graph: SELECT last("SDS_P2") FROM "feinstaub" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval), "loadDescr" fill(null)
This is the original query that the dashboard author uses as well. However, with this dashboard I have gaps between the measurements on all my desktop devices. You can see that in the following screenshot:

On mobile devices, I don’t have these gaps:

I was able to make the gaps disappear by not limiting the timespan of my query: SELECT last("SDS_P2") FROM "feinstaub"
This, however, causes another problem because then the min/max-values are of course referring to the min-max values of all times.

What I would like to know is: Are these gaps as seen in the first screenshot a rendering issue? Or is it simply because my desktop devices have a higher resolution than my mobile devices? Is there a way to connect the data points in the graph on my desktop devices? I have tried out different options in the “Visualization”-tab but none of them seem to do exactly that.

Thanks for your help!

Got it!
Here is the solution!