Has 7.1 brought any out of the box streaming advances?

I would love to get real-time table panel values from redis pub/sub stream…but could imagine converting my middleware to Kafka or filtered line protocol (Influxdb) If some standard examples were available

Is there an easy way to have a specific influxdb measurement stream real-time to grafana table panel? Any out-of-the-box data sources drive the new streaming graph panel or is one still supposed to write their own plug-in?? Now that we gave 7.4

grafana 7.n w/ 8.n imminent
does anyone have a “hello world” sample that can ingest line protocol to grafana streaming datasource yet?? high velocity table panel would be more relevant that streaming graph, but i could use some help.
alternatively streaming output from kapacitor or lineprotocol - redis pub/sub - grafana stream