Help with updating from 2.6

Hi all,

I’m trying to upgrade Grafana2.6 to 4.x. so for the safe side i started to upgrade to 3.x

Running Centos, upgrading using Yum.

Running Transaction
Updating : grafana-3.0.4-1464167696.x86_64 1/2
Cleanup : grafana-2.6.0-1.x86_64 2/2
Verifying : grafana-3.0.4-1464167696.x86_64 1/2
Verifying : grafana-2.6.0-1.x86_64 2/2

  grafana.x86_64 0:3.0.4-1464167696

[root@ ~]# sudo service grafana-server start
Starting Grafana Server: .... OK

No web page is laoding under port 3000.

I checked what the process running using: " ps -auxwe " and it seems that the config file is under:
/usr/sbin/grafana-server --pidfile=/var/run/ --config=/etc/grafana/grafana.ini

I checked the Grafana.ini and it seems that it is the sample file and not the original one.

what can i do to solve it?

What do you mean it’s not the original one? Did you loose your settings? Did you answer Yes/No to the question during upgrade wether to overwrite the config file (default and recommended action is no).

Try restarting after upgrade:
sudo service grafana-server restart

Hi Torkel,
Now i can access the server only with local ip and not from any browser exmaple:
so it seems that it overwrite my settings. (Grafana didnt asked me about overwriting).

maybe a firewall issue?

The rpm upgrade never overwrite the config unless asked first, no reported instance of it happening so very strange.

i think it was IPTABLES issues, strange…
ok it seems to work now

Thanks anyway torkel !