Histogram with non-numeric values

Hi all,

Before going on, thanks for this wonderful piece of software.

I’ve been able to plot an histogram using the histogram plugin. So far so good. This is the result:

The histogram works fine because the data is float type rand(0,255), so everything fits in. To construct such an histogram I did the following:

Now my question is whether I could obtain an histogram but that data would be strings. For example, every period of time I do get a string from this vector [“blue”, “red”, “yellow”, “green”].

I tried to get an histogram doing the same as I did with my float-type data, but nothing would be plot.

Is there a way to construct some statistics based on non-numeric values?

I’m using Grafana 4.3.1



It is not supported currently.

If you have time series fro blue, red,green etc, you could via large group by time interval (so you get only 1-2 values per time series), then choose X Axis mode “Series”, then you get one bar per series