How Can I Get Data From Query Which Grafana Send

I’m playing with status panel in Grafana, and I’m trying to create my own status panel based on single status panel. I’m using openTSDB as data source, and I want to use some data from http response return by the query.

But I find that in my plug-in I can only get datapoints & target field.How can I get other fields return by the query?

other fields? that is all that is returned.

you do not get access to the raw response. But there is not much more (except tags info, but that is encoded in the target string)

When I say ‘filter’ I mean OpenTSDB filter.

filters? can you show what OpenTSDB returns that you want to access from the panel?

When I say ‘filter’ I mean OpenTSDB filter. See capture below.

Here is the response from server. For example, I want to access query field from response, how should I do it? As far as I know, there are only few information from response has been passed to plugin. ( like tags and metric name)

I want to do some trick in response, so it can carry more information from server, and I want to use it in my plugin. That’s why I want to access raw data of http response.

You can get tag and metric name in the series name using the query alias feature, there is no way to access the raw response and tags, but will likely change this in a future release

Thx, for some feature, it will be better if developers can get raw data. It’s hard to mapping query and it’s response.

Also with raw data, we can do more things in plugin.

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I have developed a plugin using react and it is coming up in my dashboard. but the problem is I have hardcoded the data.
now, how to get this data from the query (dAtasource)?
what should I write in place of this data:

this.state= {data: [
[ “A”, 100],
[“B”, 200]

the array length would increase depending on the query.
I tried with,
but that was returning the query.
Appreciate your help on this.