How do I upload a Dashboard to the community?

Please forgive me for asking the obvious: But how do I upload a Dashboard to be available here? (Dashboards | Grafana Labs)

I’ve tried searching both here and online, but it seems I’m running into a dead end - I can’t find any function to upload a Dashboard to the community section. I did create an account, and also a Grafana Cloud trial.

I feel like I’m missing something very obvious, but if not, maybe you should consider redesigning the website and/or documentation so this is easier to find? For instance, I can’t find anything in the documentation either. (Export and import | Grafana Labs)

Thanks in advance.

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Ok so what’s going on here? I found the place to upload dashboards (maybe), well hidden under “My Account”, “My Dashboards”.

But when I try to upload a .json file from Grafana 8.2.5, I get this error message:

So what’s going on here? Please enlighten me. Thanks! :blush::sunglasses:

Seems like some strange bug. You try to upload dashboard from 8.2.5 and message you are getting says that Grafana accepts dashboards from version 3.1 and above.

So your dashboard should be accepted.

I believe this was solved by exporting my Dashboards for “external use”. This wasn’t clear to me at the time of the question.

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