Internet security for a n00b

Hi there. I have only poked at Grafana for a little bit and I have to admit that long and thorough reeding through the how-to’s issn’t my fortay, not by a long shot. I’m trying this software because I just love to read the logs from my computer. I don’t know why that is, but that’s how it is. I was googling around looking for better log collecting and surveying apps and stumbled on Grafana serveral times. I’m just a private person with a personal computer so there is no more logs than the error logs I my self are creating being a certified n00b trying out Kubuntu, or Linux at all for that matter.
I’m wondering two things.
Is the bridge connections docker0 and virbr0 generated from Grafana? I’m fairly sure I botched my Loki-install so I’m a bit confuzzled. I’m a little bit paranoid and I really dont like things like that just plopping up. But since I’m well aware that I rather test-click on every button I see than reading manuals I’m not calling foulplay without checking first.
Secondly, is this software something for me? It seems really cool but on the other hand it also seems to not be what I’m looking for.
I bet there’s a whole lot of people in here who loves logs as much as I do maybe I could get some tips if Grafana turns up not being my cup of jam.
I’m looking for a pretty simple logging program. A little bit like a mail program. It collects logs, sorts the data and stores it encrypted. It also a must to be able to watch in real time.
I have screwed up Ubuntu so many times I almost constantly have logs on one screen so I at least have a chans of stoping my chinanagans before Sir Kernel throws me out.
I would also like if you could customizse it so user choosen topics got sent to the desktop notifier.
And ofcourse been able to customize what’s displayed on the screen.
The program I like the most so far is Ksystemlog. But it’s not that customizable.
There, I’m done rambling.


Hi @mutte can you clarify: what is your concern here?

I’m guessing you installed grafana using docker on your local machine? What OS is that?


I guess it was a mixture of being sleep deprived, a little drunk, a fair amount of panic and a pinch of not having English as my native language.

I don’t remember exactly what I wrote so I hope I didn’t made a fool out of myself.
I have tried installing Grafana two times now and it has ended pretty much exactly the same both times.

I want to collect as much logs as possible so I can solve all the issues that comes with using Linux and being a complete n00b at it.

I read about Grafana, it sounds awesome so I start installing. I manage to install the good lady but when it’s time for Loki the hour is really late. I get too tired, botch the install and after a while start to get the feeling that my computer is like a leaking sieve with daemons spewing out everything I do to god knows who.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to read up on this operating system a whole lot more before I feel safe with automated remote logging.

Linux is a evening hobby for me and often with a couple of beers as company so, again, I really do hope I didn’t write any thing dumb.

Some day I’m gonna sit here up to my eye balls in logs and it is going to be glorious!

And yes, docker was the culprit this time. I got exactly the same panicky feeling I got when I tried to install post-fix. Ended up with an angry little sneaky thing yelling in the logs for the Master to wake up, dodging most of my attempts of uninstalling it.

I came out victorious in the end though but like, wt?

I have used Windows all my life, I’m near 42 now and wow those systems gives different experiences. I’m loving every second of it though and regret not picking it up earlier in my youth.

Wow, this really became a long letter I noticed, I’m sorry for that.

Med vänliga hälsningar
With kind regards

Mattias Högfjäll

Haha @mutte no worries at all!

Grafana is safe. So is loki. Docker can add a lot of complexity to setups. You can try running grafana directly on your windows machine as well. Do you want some help doing that?

Also: are you running linux through VMware? on a virtual machine? Or do you have a linux desktop that you’re using? Grafana should be the best solution for what you want. Just need to figure out the easiest way to get you there.