Issues with variables (Templating) grafana 4.2.0

Hi mates,

we have discovered an issue with the values in the templating section.

Our architecture is the following:
-On grafana server 4.2.0
-One collectd server per datacenter
-One graphite server per datacenter
-One carbon relay server to be queried from grafana (this server queries the appropiate graphite server)

We have several variables in a dashboard, including one for chosing the datacenter and another one to choose a device from the datacenter which is previously selected with the datacenter variable.

The datacenter variable is cutom type with the different values separated by commas and with the possibility of selecting all the values in it. When we select more than one datacenter everything works fine, but when we select only one datacenter metrics won’t showing.

After troubleshooting, we have found a workaround, if in the variable datacenter we uncheck the options “include all” and “Multi-values” everything works fine.

Is there any bug o somthing that fits in this behaviour?

A couple of months before this was working fine with several datacenters.

Our metrics looks like the following:…………


what version of Graphite are you running?

We have other reports that Graphite 0.9.12 does not handle glob expressions with a single item. Works fine in graphite-api (graphite-web fork), so might work in latest Graphite 1.0

Will try to fix in latest in Grafana.

Hi Torkel,

you were right, our graphite version was 0.9.10. Problem dissapear updating graphite server as you can see in the following link fix

Thank you so much.