Queries failing to graphite when only one value sent in {}


I have some template variables set up with “allow all” and “multivalue”.

I see that when there is only one value for these variables that the query fails.

Looking at the requests sent to /api/datasources/proxy/1/render

I see for example something like


Where as this succeeds: stats.{one, two}

New to Grafana and Graphite. Is this a bug with Grafana or Graphite?


What version of Graphite are you running? Glob expressions with only one value has been supported in Graphite for many years.

Graphite v 0.9.15
Grafana v 4.2.0

Any troubleshooting tips greatly appreciated.

I have looked through the Grafana and Graphite config files and nothing jumps out.

I wonder if there could be something happening with Grafana’s proxy… ?