Kubernetes integration not appearing

I’ve started sending all relevant Kubernetes metrics to Grafana Cloud as per this document: Ship Kubernetes metrics and logs using the OpenTelemetry Collector | Grafana Cloud documentation

The issue now is that I have no “Kubernetes” tab under observability. I thought it may be a license issue (I’m using the free tier) but I couldn’t see any information in the pricing feature comparison.

When I attempt to add the Kubernetes app I get error "plugin not found, no installed plugin with that ID.

Hi @manudawber :wave: I’ll reach out via DM for more detail.

@manudawber actually, looks like private messages aren’t enabled on this forum. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a link to the page showing the error in your screenshot, I’ll be able to investigate further.

Apologies for the delayed response, but I get the error when acessing this page:



@manudawber technical issues with Grafana Cloud are covered by support on free tier, I’ve confirmed internally that you’re eligble to create a support ticket in this case. Please log in to your Grafana Cloud account and open a support ticket where the team will be able to help further.

Thanks Stephen, will do.