Line Graph Issue - InfluxDB


I’m new to influxdb and grafana and started experimenting and running into a simple problem. I have created a measure/table with the following data

time category series_name value

2017-07-18T15:01:55.1561861Z velocity NC18 300
2017-07-18T15:02:09.3073481Z velocity NC19 250
2017-07-18T15:02:18.6114822Z velocity NC20 245
2017-07-18T15:03:12.1816292Z capacity NC18 245
2017-07-19T07:55:33.3197493Z capacity NC20 200
2017-07-19T07:55:45.8989077Z capacity NC19 200

What I want is to plot two seperate lines on a single graph based on the category_name like below…

X-Axis - Series Name
Y-Axis - one line graph based on the values of category → velocity
Y-Axis - one line graph based on the values of category → capacity

below is the graph I want to plot in grafana can someone help.

The graph panel does not support this currently

thanks for the response… I was looking at the and looked at the following graph how they are displaying… ?

it’s just a group by tag, the X-axis is time.

so if X axis is time then it’s possible… if X axis not time in my case it’s series (NC18 etc) … then it’s not possible… am I right ?

yes, that is correct.

thanks… . any chance this gets implemented ? I’m guessing this is one of the key features to have it…

Also on other note… when I use the graph with “Series” everytime I referesh the graph the order changes… am I doing anything wrong ? It’s happening in MySQL Datasources. I have order by clause in the metrics but still happening…

We should be fixing the random sort order problem soon:

great to hear… thx…