Link to external system using current interval

I use both grafana and kibana and would like to add a link to kibana (in a Grafana dashboard) to view logs for the currently selected interval. I see there are $__interval and $__interval_ms in Grafana 4.2 (that I use) but I can’t use them in a Text Panel (Markdown). Is there another way to link this way?

Thank you!

Did you test absolute drilldown links? Not sure if that will work but worth a try.

Thank you for your message. I’ve just tried but it doesn’t expand that variable. One thing I can do, using absolute drilldown links, is to create a link using “Include time range” and “Include variables” to a stupid service that will take these url parameters and redirect to kibana.

Looks like $__interval and $__interval_ms are only expanded in queries and template variables.