Make dashboards editable/non-editable only by the author


I was using grafana 4.2 and i noticed that the dashboard created by me can be edited by others even after making it non-editable.

Can u provide a feature where dashboard settings can be managed only by the author.

Yes, any person with Editor role have full permissions on all dashboards.

We are currently working on dashboard folders, user groups and permissions.

You can review our current design proposal:

Hello @torkel ,
Can you please let me know in which version this will be released and by when it will be done (rough estimate).
I know this is a lot to ask but this would help us plan efficiently.
With best regards

Hi frieza, we don’t make explicit commitments, but we hope that a beta will be out within the next few months. Dashboard folders and SQL support are two of the main areas of focus.

Thanks :), this information helps