What are the permissions of Read-Only Editor?

Hi, trying to figure out what permissions are available to a Read-Only Editor. Is anywhere information about the user roles and permissions in Grafana available?
Thank you for any information that helps.

Looks to be missing from docs.

  • Editor: Can create & edit dashboads
  • Viewer: Can not create dashboards nor edit panels
  • Read only editor: Can not create dashboards nor save changes to them, but they can edit panels and create new panels (But not save)
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Torkel, many thanks for such a quick reply. I’m writing a brief user guide on your app. This information fills the gap…

Hi, I’ve faced again a problem of user permissions. Could you give a more detailed list of permissions for a Read-Only Editor. We granted our users this role but it seems they cannot create and edit playlists.

It’s like the Viewer role but can also open panels to to transient edits (modify panel settings but not save the dashboard)

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Thank you, Torkel, for so quick reply. Will the version 5 have a more flexible permissions management system?

depends on what you mean. Versoin 5 will allow you to set permissions on dashboards or dashboard folders.

I mean a set of permissions for each role, which Grafana admins would be able to enable/disable. For example, in Atlassian Confluence, they have the role of Confluence-User, and the administrators can select what permissions that want to assign this role to.

Ok, custom roles (or defining role permissions) is not on any roadmap.

Hello torkel,

would it be possible to not display the save button for “Read-Only Editor”? It is rather confusing for a user with that role that there is a button to save. That user will for sure expect it to work but then gets confronted with a message like “Problem! Permission denied.”. This can be quite frustrating if you expect a different result. And further more it makes the user believe he/she did something wrong or the program has a bug. Which obviously isn’t the case then.

Thank you for considering this.

Edit: Strange, I am sure I’ve got that message before and the save button was visible. But now I don’t see it. Probably some cache issue of my browser. Never mind my suggestion.

There is no save button for the read only editor role.

It seems that if you switch between different organizations (in which you have different user roles) some elements may be kept displayed for you, just like the Save button in the message above.
Does Grafana frontend uses HTML5? It may explain that trick.

Hi Sir.

How to set the permissions dynamically with reverse proxy?


Can a Viewer save an image of a graph? If yes, how to achieve it?