Monitoring Disk Free Space for Multiple Hosts in One Table

Hey Everyone,

I’m still a Grafana noob, and would like some help wrapping my mind around building a query for a specific table I want to build. I’m collecting my data from Windows servers with Influx-Capacitor but can also collect with Telegraf if needed, pointing to an InfluxDB backend.

Here’s what I want my end product to look like:

I’m not even sure where to start on my query. Influx-Capacitor doesn’t let me select unique field values by default, but that doesn’t seem to matter as I want it to be grouped by Host and Drive Instance.

Any thoughts? Something like this should be do-able, I just don’t know if I’m using the right tools.

Thanks in advance!


It’s a bit unclear if you’re in Grafana trying your query or in Influx-Capacitor.

But if I understand your requirements correctly I don’t think it’s possible to create such a table in Grafana at the moment using influxdb as datasource. Feels like this issue highlights what you want.