Monnitoring Host

How to add host monitoring to grafana and graphite.
Servers Windows, switches, access point, etc?

There are not a lot of details in this question but I interpret it as you want a recommendation for a collector that can write to Graphite.

There are a couple of options:

Hello, Daniel, thanks for your response.
Do you have experience with grafana and metrics collector to monitor host?
I do not have much experience using grafana and graphite.
Could you help me?

Thank you

Just to double check that I understood, did you mean that you want to collect data for Windows Server?

And router, switch also. With ping for example.
I explain?
Thank you

So everything is Windows? Then InfluxDB or Prometheus are your best options. You should be able to find guides to both for setting everything up on Windows. InfluxDB comes with its own collector Telegraf and Prometheus has lots of exporters so you can get going really quickly with either.

Google for your router and Prometheus/InfluxDB. Usually routers have SNMP support which can be used for monitoring.

Hola daniellee disculpas por la demora en responder.
Debo retomar el uso de grafana.
Vos me recomendas que use InfluxDB.
InfluxDB es un colector, como graphite?
Como obtiene los datos Influx? via SNMP?
Muchas gracias. (Google traductor)

Graphite and InfluxDB are databases. Telegraf is the collector for InfluxDB.

OK thanks.
So, do you need the 3 things?
Database, collector and grafana?
Apologies, for the inconvenience, but I want to use it and I do not understand it very well.
Thank you very much.

Yes, exactly. There are lots of tutorials in English and Spanish for InfluxDB to help you get started. Here is the first one I found when I googled for InfluxDB and Espanol:

Thank you very much.
I read everything and it’s very good.
What I can observe is that:
You have to install the collector on each windows or linux server.
Through WMI can I get data from windows?
On network equipment, through SNMP.
Again thank you very much.